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Control of Federal Appeals Court up for Grabs?

Control of Federal Appeals Court up for Grabs?

(Modern – When someone disputes judgement handed down by a federal court, it often ends up in the U.S. Court of Appeals. That particular level of court has largely been dominated by Democrats in recent years — but the tides may be about to change, especially if President Trump secures a win in November.

Judges who serve in the Court of Appeals often do so until the day they retire. Currently, 59 judges are up for “senior status;” nearly all are Democrats. If these individuals choose to step down upon President Trump’s re-election, those seats are highly likely to be secured by Republican justice officials.

In 2016, Democrats held 9 of the 13 panels. Today, they hold just 6 — a significant enough loss all on its own. Even if the president only flips one more seat, the GOP will secure a majority hold over the Court of Appeals. That’s a spot of contention for most Democrats, but could mean a huge shift in policy for the GOP.

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