Survive… Or Pay Bills?

Survive… Or Pay Bills?

It may seem like an odd question, but the pandemic has shown us that this is a serious one: Do you pay your bills, or do you survive? The obvious choice is survival; however, there are bills you can’t fall behind on.

First things first — your shelter. Just like in a survival situation in the wilderness, you need shelter first. Well, the same applies here, so be sure to pay your mortgage or rent as best as you can to stay in your home. Or maybe you can talk to whomever you may need to and explain why you can’t make payments.

Next, you’ll need food and water, just as you would in the wild, so be sure to buy any food and extra water that you can after you ensure you have a roof over your head. Remember that resources could become even more limited at any time.

Electricity is a major part of our lives, and losing it even for a couple hours can significantly impact our lives. Of course, if you are tight for money, you should be minimizing the number of utilities you use. However, there’s still going to be a charge of some sort, and this is your third priority. If you need transportation, it comes next on the list of things to pay for. Gas and other necessities for your job, if you have one, are part of your transportation needs.

After you’ve taken care of the above, you can spend your money on other items. We recommend putting as much toward the next month’s expenses as possible. You will need to buy miscellaneous items here and there, but if you’re struggling to survive, cut it down to the necessities.

Some utility companies are cruel, don’t care what your situation is and will cut you off from their services. Check out how you can stay warm without the use of power. Or you can take these tips from those who were unfortunate enough to be left homeless and know a thing or two about minimizing their needs in order to survive.

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