Surviving With Just a Cell Phone

Surviving With Just a Cell Phone

Cell phones have become a large part of many of our lives, and most people don’t go a day without using them. Cell phones have proven their usefulness by allowing us to make or receive emergency calls from anywhere there’s a signal. However, these technological wonders can play a much more crucial role in your survival than simply being a communication tool.

As the video describes, there are several uses for your cell phone. But, in an emergency, the first thing you should try to do is get a hold of emergency services while you can. Once the battery dies, the phone’s intended uses will go out the window.

For most, after the battery dies, the phone will be viewed as a useless chunk of plastic. What they don’t know, however, is that there are plenty of useful ways to use the phone in a survival situation. Granted, you have to destroy your phone in order to get them.

For starters, your phone’s battery can be used to start a fire, whether you use a wire and touch both the positive and negative terminals, or you get a little more extreme and cause the battery to explode.

Every phone has a magnet inside of it, and surely you’ll find a wire as well. These two pieces can play a crucial role in your survival as you can make a compass by magnetizing one end of the wire and placing it on a leaf, much like the needle or paperclip method.

Your phone can serve as a way to reflect light and signal nearby ships or planes by sending out SOS in morse code. Your phone is also full of metal and hard pieces that can be crafted into tools or weapons; you can even create fish hooks to catch dinner.

Your phone case is great for storing small survival tools, such as a razor or even paper for kindling. If you have headphones or a phone charger, you can use them as a makeshift tourniquet or maybe for small game snares.

Your phone is a good addition to the long list of items you can use outside of their intended purpose to survive. Check out how tampons can be used in emergency situations and why they may just end up in your preps, regardless of gender.

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