Tampons: More Than a Woman’s Best Friend


Tampons can be lifesavers for women, but in some situations, they can be literal lifesavers for all people. Tampons go past their intended use in many ways, with several being for survival. See how a tampon could save your day below.

Due to their design and materials, tampons can help out several in survival scenarios. One of them is to use the string on the end as cordage to make traps or snares. You can also use the string to make an emergency candlewick that will burn for 20-40 minutes.

Tampons can work as tinder for fire, thanks to the cotton that makes up the majority of the product. That cotton is also the same reason why tampons can make good bandages for first-aid purposes, not to mention they’re super absorbent. The plastic wrapper that the tampon comes in can also double as a container to keep your matches dry.

If you plan to start a fire with tampons, be sure to check out how you can create a self-feeding fire that will burn for hours, allowing you to focus on other tasks without fear of it going out.

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