Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping

Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping

As the holidays approach, more and more people flock to retailers in search of gifts for friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, as crowds grow and the chaos of holiday shopping takes hold, criminals come out of hiding to take advantage of the unwary. This is why it’s important to learn how to protect oneself before one becomes the next victim.

A major issue that comes with holiday shopping is distraction. People look for that perfect gift. Women might set their purses in a cart and get carried away in the moment, and then so do their purses. Avoid that by carrying one credit card or just cash and nothing else.

Avoid confrontation. Don’t argue with someone over the last item on a shelf. Let them have it. Chances are you can find it elsewhere — maybe even for a better price. This year is insane enough, so don’t put your safety on the line over a gift.

Don’t take any form of payment out until you’re ready to pay for your items. No one needs to know what you’re carrying, and if someone near you should make you feel uneasy, ask the cashier if you can have an escort to your vehicle.

Alone and purchasing large items? Definitely ask for help getting them to, and loading them in, your vehicle.

Ensure your safety, whether it’s for the holidays or just in general. Check out these homemade self-defense weapons. They could save your life someday.

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