Homemade Self-Defense Weapons


The ability to defend yourself is crucial to avoiding getting seriously hurt or killed. Sometimes people don’t fight fair; there may be multiple attackers, they might have weapons, or both. Not everyone can afford all the tools we use to defend ourselves, but we can make a few of them. Here are some excellent DIY self-defense weapons.

Pepper spray is a great way to fend off attackers. Simply spray them in the face and escape. Making your own pepper spray is easy and relatively cheap. The creation of homemade pepper spray starts with taking some chile powder or flakes and pouring them into a sealable container, like Tupperware. Next, pour in some isopropyl alcohol until it’s just above the pepper and leave it overnight.

The next day, you’ll see the alcohol is a reddish color. Add in some cooking oil and mix well. Using a funnel with a filter, pour the pepper mix into a spray bottle. There you have it, your very own homemade pepper spray!

A feared weapon on any battlefield is the warhammer. You can keep it cheap and simple, or you can cut and weld some metal together to make a custom warhammer. For an easy design, all you need is some black pipe, end caps and paracord.

Thread the black pipe into a “T” joint and thread the caps into each of the ends. Next, wrap the paracord around the entire handle and around the top, making an “X” if you like. Now, you have your very own warhammer.

Having the tools to defend yourself could very well save your life one day. If you find yourself to not be the creative type, you can always purchase the tools you need. Check out these discreet self-defense tools you should carry on you every day.

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