9 Reasons to Add Coffee Filters to Your Bug Out Bag

9 Reasons to Add Coffee Filters to Your Bug Out Bag

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, warm cup of coffee in the morning? Many people drink a cup of joe to start their day, however, most don’t know that their coffee filters are actually quite useful! While coffee grounds are great for compost, the filters are good for several uses, like these:

In a survival setting these items can be lifesavers. Bugging out with your pet but worried about carrying a food bowl? Worry no more! Filters are not only perfect as dishes to feed your pets from, but also yourself.

Trying to figure out how many rolls of toilet paper to carry with you? Keep in mind that filters are paper, so they can act as toilet paper, kleenex, lens cleaners and even writing paper — should you need to draw a map.

For those cast iron pan lovers out there, place a coffee filter in your pan when not in use. The filter will absorb any moisture that presents itself and keep your pan rust-free.

Make your own tea using coffee filters. Simply take some herbs, fresh is best, and crush them up. Place them in the coffee filter, close it up and tie it off. Put your improvised tea bag into a cup, boil some water, pour it over the bag and let it steep.

Coffee filters are also useful for storing seeds from your garden between seasons. The filter will keep the seeds moisture-free until you’re ready to use them, even without the use of a desiccant.

Coffee filters aren’t the only home staple with other uses. Check out this item that you may overlook in terms of usefulness in a survival situation.

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