ChapStick – Don’t Leave Home Without It

ChapStick - Don't Leave Home Without It

With the cold winter months upon us now, ChapStick is something many people can’t leave the house without. But it, like many other everyday items, can be used in several ways aside from its original intent.

The following video showcases five clever uses for ChapStick:

The video shows five great and unconventional uses of ChapStick. However, there are even more uses you can get out of this handy item.

For example, you can make a candle out of ChapStick. Take half of a Q-tip and rub some of the balm onto the cotton end. Next, flip the Q-tip over and stick the other end into the tube. Now, you have a small candle.

You can also use the ChapStick to help tinder catch on fire. Simply rub it onto a Q-tip, cotton ball, cloth, gauze or even dry bark. Aside from protecting your lips and keeping them moisturized, ChapStick can be used on your skin and wounds for the same purpose.

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