Coconut Oil — Nature’s Handy Health Aid

Coconut Oil — Nature's Handy Health Aid

Sometimes we don’t appreciate just how much nature provides us. Some pieces of nature serve a single purpose, while others have multitudes of uses. Coconut oil has several health benefits; see for yourself below.

As the video portrays, coconut oil can be used in oil pulling, an ancient technique used to kill bacteria in the mouth and encourage good oral health. Aside from oil pulling, this versatile oil is highly nutritious with its fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, all while giving you a boost of energy.

Some health benefits, as told by, include:

  • Supports heart health.
  • Increases good cholesterol.
  • May reduce Alzheimer’s symptoms.
  • Helps digestive health.
  • Could help manage diabetes.

Coconut oil can do all this and more, all while helping you lose weight thanks to its high digestibility. If these reasons haven’t encouraged you to add this great oil to your prep stash, then maybe we can convince you to add a rather common household item.

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