Is That a Window Box Solar Heater or Sun Oven?

Is That a Window Box Solar Heater or Sun Oven?

Solar power and items utilizing the power of the sun are becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why. It’s free energy and free heat; you simply can’t argue with free. But if something uses solar power to produce heat, couldn’t it also be used to cook?

The answer is… yes of course you can. So, not only are you able to heat your home and cook your food, but you can do it at no cost other than the supplies needed to create the solar box.

When you want free heat, simply open your window and allow the heat into your home. You can even gain some heat when using the solar window box for cooking. Use a fan or series of small fans to draw heat away from the window. Don’t worry, your food will still cook — just make sure to use a thermometer to ensure your food reaches the right temperature.

As more people shift toward self-sustainability, more people are moving to solar energy. Solar heaters allow you to avoid paying utility companies, and the energy is clean and natural.

The solar heat box works year-round and is a great way to ensure you stay warm during a power outage. The design is simple and easy to recreate, making it cost effective to build. Check out another way you can utilize the power of the sun to cook your food while using items you may find in the trash. You can also add it to your solar heat box to increase effectiveness.

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