Making An Emergency Fishing Kit

Making An Emergency Fishing Kit

Fishing can help provide you with food in a survival situation. However, it’s not practical to carry a fishing rod, reel, and other necessary equipment around with you all the time. That’s why having an emergency fishing kit could save your life.

Fortunately, you can purchase an emergency fishing kit that includes everything you need. Of course, the designers don’t think of everything you might want in yours. So, you’re probably going to want to tweak the kit to your preferences.

While a pre-made kit may be convenient, a DIY kit is probably a better option. Best of all, it’s probably going to be a lot cheaper too!

You’ll need a few basic items for your kit, like some fishing line, hooks, and a container for storing everything. You can add in lures, weights, floats, and other extras later. Your container should be rigid and tough enough to endure whatever circumstances you may encounter.

An essential part of fishing is the rod. You can create a makeshift rod from a springy branch or sapling. A reel isn’t necessarily important as you can use a rock to wrap the fishing line around it to make one.

An adequately designed kit will allow you to move about several locations, not limiting you to one spot. To help you out, check out this example of how you can make an emergency fishing kit, courtesy of Shawn Kelly of Corporals Corner.

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