Prepper: Medical Kit Supplies


For preppers, the ultimate goal is to be prepared for anything life may throw at you. Whether it be surviving a tornado or nuclear fallout, one item you’ll always need is a med-kit. Cam from the Casual Preppers Podcast breaks down his med-kit, showing organization and specific items to include.

A medical kit should be a top priority for any prepper, even if it’s a basic one. A simple med-kit can cover a number of injuries and is plenty for an average person. However, someone who has medical conditions may need special medications such as an inhaler or heart medication.

You need to pack antibiotics in your med pack as well. They’re extremely useful, especially in preventing infection. Be sure to include bandages and items to clean wounds in your kit. Pain relievers are also great to include because if SHTF, you’re going to be sore at some point. You may also want to carry the necessary equipment to treat allergic reactions.

You’ll need more than the proper equipment to save someone’s life; you’ll also need to know how to administer and use it. Learn how to deal with anaphylactic shock now rather than when you’re in the midst of an emergency. Remember to always keep any medicines in your pack up-to-date and throw away any old medications.

It’s a prepper’s job to be ready for anything, but you can’t cover every medical condition. Think about what is most likely to happen, accounting for any preexisting conditions, and stock your med-kit accordingly. Your choices in supplies could be all that stands between life and death. Click here for time-proven remedies you can use in a post-collapse situation.

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