Survival Hygiene Kit

Survival Hygiene Kit

As a prepper, it’s easy to get caught up in storing a bunch of food, water and maybe even ammo. However, there’s one detail that many preppers overlook, one that’s vital to surviving, and that’s hygiene. You’re going to be more prone to infection if you have poor hygiene, so here are some items to have in your hygiene kit.

Depending on who you are, you may need items that someone else doesn’t. For example, males may need more shaving products than women and females may need certain items men don’t. We should all have a toothbrush, toothpaste and a few other basics.

The need to be clean isn’t one to take lightly, so be sure to include soap and shampoo in your kit. Fingernail clippers aren’t as important as other items, but they may serve a purpose when surviving; overgrown nails can make normal tasks difficult to accomplish.

According to Backdoor Survival, baking soda should also find a place in your kit, as it is a great substitute for shampoo and toothpaste when mixed 50/50 with salt. Deodorant is always a plus but isn’t entirely necessary. Be sure to include washcloths and hand towels, which are great for drying your hands but also big enough to dry your entire body.

Hygiene is vastly overlooked in the grand scheme of things. Don’t be that person who has poor hygiene both before and after SHTF. Now that you know a few items to have in your hygiene kit, check out the most important hygiene habit to survive in a long-term situation.

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