Paperclips for Survival – Really?

Paperclips for Survival - Really?

Well, it’s official: You can add paperclips to the long list of everyday items often overlooked for survival. These tiny pieces of metal can do so much more than just hold your papers together. Find out for yourself below.

As the video portrays, you can create fish hooks from paperclips. Simply bend the paperclip in the shape of a hook, tie it to your fishing line and voilà, a fishing hook. As an added bonus, the metal finish found on most paperclips will reflect sunlight, making it an effective lure for fish.

In the event that SHTF, you need to be resourceful, and that’s exactly where a paperclip comes in handy. You can straighten a paperclip out and sharpen one end of it on a rock or hard surface. Find a small tube, and you have an effective way to hunt small game with your very own blow dart gun. You should probably make more than one “dart” though.

Paperclips are abundant, making them a great resource. Given their metal composition, these useful clips can make a great substitute for your radio or walkie-talkie’s antenna. For people who wear glasses, a paperclip can hold your lenses together until you can properly fix them, or at least until you can find a more permanent solution.

As an added bonus, paperclips can be used to substitute for game pieces. After all, it’s important to have fun, especially when the world is falling apart around you. Check out how a paperclip can even save your life by helping you find your way.

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