When Your Bug Out Bag Runs Dry

When Your Bug Out Bag Runs Dry

Many people look to bug out at the first sign of collapse, which is fine, but many of those people don’t realize that bugging out is only temporary; a permanent solution is needed. A bug out bag (BOB) can only hold about 3-5 days’ worth of supplies, not nearly enough to survive long term. However, your BOB can get you started on a permanent solution.

Your BOB needs to primarily address the three survival staples: food, water and shelter. Other aspects, such as navigating, building, repairing and first aid, are all important as well. Don’t forget that you need to include ways to obtain food and water after the bag has run out.

You won’t be able to carry everything you need to live your life out, so choose what you put in your bag carefully. Your life depends on it. Now, self-defense is important as well, but be sure that any weapons you pack have dual purposes. For example, a gun can be used as a defensive tool and a means to hunt.

You’ll likely have your phone as well; dead or not, it can still be useful. Tarps are almost a necessity, not only for shelter, but also to collect rainwater so you have a water source after your bag runs out. Be sure to pack an emergency fishing kit so you have a source of food after your bag has run out.

In fact, just about everything in your BOB should have more than one purpose. By the time your supplies run out, you should have a permanent solution to food, water, and shelter in place or at least be near one of your survival caches to resupply.

Check out how you should bury your caches full of emergency supplies to stay stocked up if your journey is longer than 5 days. You can only survive on your own so long, so be sure to make a survival community.

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