Survival Scenarios

Survival Scenarios helps our subscribers to become prepared for the unknown and not become dependent on the government or others when disaster strikes. Emergency services will be stretched thin so being prepared will allow first responders to help more people who truly need assistance.

We are becoming well known and important in survival resources throughout the world. The Survival Guide is providing weekly news, tips & tactics to help our members increase their survival skills no matter what they encounter.


When “It” Hits the Fan, Don’t Do These Things

( - Just as important as what to do in a disaster is what NOT to do. Some mistakes can kick your foundation right...

Inventive Ways to Prep for Free

Many people struggle to pay their bills each month, so the thought of prepping to face a disaster is almost laughable. How can one...

Is Your Vehicle Equipped With This?

Vehicles can break down and leave you stranded at any time. With a little luck, it will happen where cell phone service is available...
Why Having a Dog is Important When SHTF

Why Having a Dog is Important When SHTF

There’s no doubt that dogs are man’s best friend. For thousands of years, dogs have stood by mankind, helped hunt, and offered protection and...
Develop Children’s Survival Skills With These Fun Family Games

Fun Family Games That Build Survival Skills

Building survival skills is often viewed as a gritty and difficult task. One in which a person is roughing it in the wild using...
Survive… Or Pay Bills?

Survive… Or Pay Bills?

In the modern age, money makes the world go round. Unfortunately, when one falls on hard times and money isn't as abundant as they...

Reviewing Emergency Preparation With the Family

Emergency preparation and planning are crucial in keeping your family safe. Review your emergency plan frequently to account for any changes and to make...
Breaking Grey Man: How to Find Other Preppers

Breaking Grey Man: How to Find Other Preppers

Finding other preppers can prove to be a challenge, mostly because many preppers are very private for their own security. Despite many having a...
Staying Out of the “Lyme” Light

Staying Out of the “Lyme” Light

Lyme disease, when left untreated, can cause some serious health problems. Thankfully, with the correct antibiotics administered in a timely manner, Lyme disease is...
Don't Forget Coffee and Tea for Me

Stockpile These for Sanity’s Sake

Coffee and tea are both luxuries many of us take for granted every day. Even going a short amount of time without them can...

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