Clothespin — Making a Comeback for Survival

Clothespin — Making a Comeback for Survival

Clothespins seem to be used less and less as we move forward into the future. However, they’re making a comeback. After all, how could you resist an item that can serve a multitude of purposes?

While the video shows how to use a clothespin to make a tripwire alarm system, the fire can be a hazard. If you’re going to create this alarm, do so cautiously. Perhaps you can also add a firecracker for more of an “alarm” effect.

You’re probably thinking, “That’s only one use for a clothespin.” Well, there are plenty of others. Check them out:

  • Keep gloves together.
  • Keep papers together.
  • Great kindling for a firestarter.
  • Keeping straps out of your way.

Of course, they can also be used for hanging your clothes. After all, that’s their intended purpose.

You can also use the spring found in clothespins. For example, the wire can be bent and shaped to fix a pair of eyeglasses, or you can straighten it out and use it the same way you would use a straightened paper clip to create a compass.

Check out other survival uses of paperclips and see how many a clothespin spring can be used for.

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