Crisco: More Than Shortening

Crisco More Than Shortening

For people who love to bake, Crisco is a staple in the kitchen. What if we told you that Crisco is actually a great resource to have for survival as well? Let’s step away from the kitchen and talk about a few reasons why survival enthusiasts should get Crisco.

Caloric Boost

In a survival situation, our bodies may need extra calories to survive. Crisco is hardly a tasty snack, and it’s not recommended that people try to eat it alone. However, extra spoonfuls of shortening can add more calories to your meal.

Preserve Eggs

The method of preserving eggs with Crisco only works with fresh eggs, not store-bought ones. You simply take your fresh eggs, wash them and pat them dry. Next, you’ll cover the eggs in a layer of Crisco. Put them into a carton and store them somewhere in a dry, dark, cool place.

Use the water test to ensure your eggs are edible. Place eggs in cold water. If they sink, they’re good; if they float, they’re bad.

Crisco can become the light of your life with another alternate use: Pour liquified Crisco into an oil lamp and use it as fuel to light your home. Check out this other item that has several survival uses as well; maybe even add it to your bug-out bag.

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