Emergency Phone Charger

Emergency Phone Charger

Cell phones have become a large part of many of our lives. They need to be charged almost every night, and if you forget, you’re spending half of your next day without a phone. If you forget your charger, the wait could be even longer — or you can get creative…

Most of us can go without a phone for a few hours. However, an emergency could occur during that time. The good news is that you can fashion a phone charger from a car charger, a 9V battery, a key and some clay or putty.

Take your clay or putty and flatten it out on the table; this will allow you to hold everything in place. If you don’t have access to either, you’ll have to hold the items together yourself.

Next, take the car charger and put the end against the negative port on the 9V battery. Take the key and place it alongside the charger and in the positive terminal of the battery, making sure it touches the side of the car charger to ensure connection.

Your phone will charge, but it won’t last forever. However, it will be enough to send a few texts or make an emergency call.

If it’s only a power outage you’re faced with, there may not be any emergency, but you might still want to get in touch with a family member to let them know you’re okay. You’ll also need to get by until the grid gets restored. Check out this genius invention that will help you heat your home and cook your food, no power needed!

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