Improvised Survival Tools… Using a Frisbee?

Frisbee, the Perfect Prepper Tool

Preparing and surviving is all about finding objects that have multiple uses. Frisbees, while they may not seem like a useful tool, can serve several purposes. That’s why a frisbee may quite possibly be the perfect prepper tool.

The video above shows a few ways frisbees can be helpful on the water. You can use one as a bailer, for when water gets into your canoe or kayak. Ever lost your paddle while going down a river? Well, if you pack a frisbee, it can be the ultimate emergency paddle, much better than your hand alone.

The frisbee can serve as a working tray, holding whatever you can fit into it from fishing tackle to tinder and your soap. Frisbees also work great as plates or cutting boards. You can use them as windbreaks to start fires or to create wind to help fires grow.

Of course, you could always use them for their intended purpose. After all, it’s nice to have fun, even in a survival situation. There are many items we can use outside of their intended purposes. Check out how you can use a tampon in an emergency.

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