Is Duct Tape in Your Bug Out Bag?


Duct or duck tape — both versions are correct — no doubt has hundreds of uses. In fact, this tape is so popular the Mythbusters did an entire special on it. As the old saying goes, if it can’t be fixed with duct tape, it can’t be fixed!

While that may be an exaggeration, duct tape is an incredibly versatile tool that deserves a place in any survival bag. Check out the following video for a small sampling of ways that duct tape can be used:

One of the simplest ways you can use duct tape is for its intended purpose, adhering objects together. Take a knife, stick and your faithful duct tape, put them together and you’ve got yourself a spear.

Need some rope or cordage? No worries! Duct tape can be easily twisted into cordage and even braided into rope from there. We all know how important cordage and rope can be in a survival situation.

If you’re using a tent or tarp as shelter, and there’s a leak, use duct tape to cover the hole. It will create a watertight patch to keep you dry.

Vesta Stoudt, a proud Illinois mother of two sons in the US Navy, invented duct tape in 1943, according to Johnson & Johnson. The tape was to be used to waterproof ammunition boxes to keep ammo dry. So, why can’t it do the same for you?

Duct tape is truly one of the most versatile everyday items you can have. Check out this other everyday item you should also add to your bug out bag.

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