Self-Defense: Using Fire Extinguishers

Self-Defense: Using Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are common items, found in most public places and homes. While these are traditionally intended to be used for putting out fires, there is a more ‘out-of-the-box use for fire extinguishers.

You can see for yourself in the video below just how effective a fire extinguisher can be as a self defense tool:


Whether putting out a fire or using a fire extinguisher for self-defense, “P.A.S.S” (Pull, Aim, Squeeze and Sweep) is the key to success.

Pull the pin to allow use of the extinguisher. Take aim by pointing the nozzle at the floor, then squeeze the trigger and “sweep” by moving the extinguisher back and forth. You may be tempted to aim higher, but this also means when the chemicals blow back at you, they’ll be blowing back at your eyes. In an emergency situation, the key is also to get yourself to safety, so a quick exit may be in order.


One of the advantages of using a fire extinguisher is that it’s perfectly legal to have one on hand, unlike many actual weapons. They’re also commonly found in public places and can deter more than one target at a time. If need be, they also have some weight to them and can be useful as a bludgeoning tool.

Most people wouldn’t think to use a fire extinguisher in such a way. Preppers tend to think outside the box, so as long as they know how something works, they can probably find more than one purpose for it. As you consider the many uses of the objects around you, head on over to see how you can take the next step and create a family plan for survival.

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