Silica Gel… What Magic Little Beads

Silica Gel... What Magic Little Beads

Silica gel packets are normally found in new shoes, bottles of medication, pockets of leather products and boxed electronics. Most people just toss them in the trash. The truth is, silica gel is a desiccant — which means it has the ability to absorb and hold water vapor. But why does that matter?

These little treasures have numerous uses. Watch the following clip and see for yourself.

For a survivalist, these items are almost as good as gold… well, maybe not quite that good, but check out the handy ways you can put them to use:

  • Seed storage – There’s nothing worse than saving seeds from the previous year’s harvest just to find out they have molded over the winter. Save yourself the heartache. Store your seeds in a sealed container and toss a few silica gel packets in to absorb any moisture.
  • Ammunition – Keep moisture away from ammo by tossing some packets into your storage box or cans.
  • Bug out gear – Have all your gear packed up and ready to go? Toss silica packets in with everything to ensure when SHTF, everything is still in viable condition.
  • Tackle Box – Without fail, every time you go fishing, water of some kind ends up in your tackle box. Avoid that issue and toss in some silica packets. Maybe now the fishing hooks won’t rust.

When these magic little beads won’t absorb moisture anymore, just lay them out in the sun on a nice, hot day, and they’ll dry out and recharge. Just one more handy item to add to your bug out gear. By the way, did you remember to pack duct tape in your bug out bag?

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