Superglue to the Rescue!

Superglue to the Rescue!

You can add superglue to the long list of must-haves for survival situations. Superglue is often used to repair items, and its use in the survival world isn’t much different. Tubes of superglue are lightweight and small, making them easy to add to any bug out bag or survival kit. But why even bother, what good is superglue in a survival situation anyway?

For starters, superglue can be used to seal minor wounds, as the video below demonstrates:

Of course, you can always use the glue for its intended purpose: holding items together. You can craft weapons using superglue to hold the separate components together. Or you could use it to repair your backpack, boots, tent and other equipment.

Superglue can put an end to fraying rope, quite literally; you can even use superglue to patch a leaky water bottle. Mixing superglue with baking soda causes a chemical reaction that forces the baking soda to swell and harden. This can be used to patch cracks in wood or fill small gaps.

Add a dab of superglue over a stubborn splinter and allow it to dry. Peel the glue off, and the splinter should come out with it.

To see another staple that can prove vital in a survival scenario, check out this item that many people carry with them at all times, often in their wallets.

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